10 Interesting facts about Duggu aka Hrithik Roshan you didn't know

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Not everyone in this world looks so perfect as Hrithik. The Super dancer as we all know him has a few hidden qualities in him that you might not know about. Let’s have a look at a few of those

1. Hrithik is often called as The Greek God for his stunning looks and his mesmerising physic.

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2. Hrithik, apart from being a sportsperson and an amazing dancer, is also a certified diver who loves diving and makes it a point to go for it as and when he gets the time.

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3. The brand HRX is a clothing brand owned by our charming superstar Hrithik.

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4. Hrithik’s original name is ‘Hrithik Rakesh Nagrath’ and not ‘Hrithik Roshan’.

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5. He was a chain smoker earlier who now has stopped smoking completely after reading the book “How To Stop Smoking”.

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6. He started his career as an assistant director alongside his father in the films like Koyla where he also did other work like sweeping floors and serving tea to the actors then.

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7. Hrithik underwent a speech therapy to overcome the stammering problem he had when he was a kid. After which he also started a speech therapy institution to help people overcome such speech problems.

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8. With the charming personality that Hrithik has, he managed to receive about 30,000 proposals for marriage on Valentine’s Day in the year 2000.

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9. Hrithik is best friends with Uday Chopra. They’ve attended school, Karate and Computer classes together.

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10. Out of the total 252 times that he got nominated, Hrithik has won 231 awards so far, quite impressive we must say!

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