10 amazing incidents from Vivo IPL 2019

Vivo IPL 2019 has drawn to a close. As has been the case, it was a magnificent spectacle of cricket. There were great catches, monstrous sixes, unplayable deliveries and some brilliant victories. However, some moments stood out. We bring you a collection of the lasting memories of Vivo IPL 2019. There are some funny and other not-so-funny incidents. These will linger long during this #SummerOfSports.

To ‘Mankad’ or not

In a crunch situation, Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) skipper R Ashwin ‘Mankaded’ Rajasthan Royals’ (RR) Jos Buttler. The incident triggered a storm on social media. The cricketing world seemed to be divided on whether it was against the spirit of the game. Ashwin stuck to his ‘within the laws of the game’ line throughout the aftermath of the incident. The jury’s still out on it!

R Ashwin's mankad act
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Passing, oops, catching the buck!

Chris Gayle sent a Sandeep Lamichhane’s googly soaring towards mid-wicket. Colin Ingram, stationed on the boundary ropes caught it cleanly. But he seemed to be losing his balance and tripping over the line. What does he do? He throws it with all his might to the nearest fielder at long-on. Axar Patel doesn’t have to move an inch to pouch it. A perfect relay catch! Were they practising this jugalbandi in the nets? 

Colin Ingram
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Watson-Du Plessis-Delhi Capitals mix-up

This was a ‘King’-size mix-up which wasn’t ‘Capital’-ised by Delhi. Faf Du Plessis nudged the ball towards point and called for a run. Shane Watson, the non-striker, hared down only to see Du Plessis send him back mid-pitch. The throw missed the stumps at the bowlers end with both of them stranded in the middle. Then both of them tried to run towards the non-striker’s end. Again a throw and a miss; this time at the batting end! It seemed everyone on the field had lost their compass! 

Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis's mix-up in IPL 2019
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Hardik Pandya’s helicopter shot

The helicopter shot was MS Dhoni’s patented invention. Hardik Pandya staked claim to the copyright when he hit a six off Dwayne Bravo. In true Dhoni-esque manner, he went deep into the crease, cleared his left leg, and BOOM! It was ironical that the master was watching the protégé from behind the stumps.

Hardik Pandya’s helicopter shot in IPL 2019
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‘Gabbar’ darr gaya!

R Ashwin was again involved in a potential ‘Mankad’ situation. He pulled out from his bowling action as he approached the stumps. Shikhar Dhawan, at the non-striker end, pushed his bat deep inside the popping crease as if feigning fear of a run-out. Trust ‘Gabbar’ to not let go of any situation to evoke a laugh! The next ball, he does a half-shimmy-half shake as if ‘trembling with fear’. A fantastic ROFL moment! 

Ravichandran Ashwin in Vivo IPL 2019
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Dhoni pitch-ing in

Chennai Super Kings need eight runs in three balls. Ben Stokes from RR bowls a high full-toss. Umpire Ulhas Gandhe, at the bowler’s end, raises his hand, seemingly to signal a no-ball for a waist-high full-toss. No, wait! Bruce Oxenford, the square-leg umpire thinks that it’s not a no-ball. Whoa, but Gandhe did signal a no-ball! Did he, or was he just suggesting it? Confusion! In walks Dhoni to add to it! So, now two captains, two umpires, two batsmen and the bowler are trying to make sense of the situation. Missing? A reporter with a mic saying ‘the nation wants to know’! 

Dhoni pitching in
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Jadeja’s tumbling six

You may have seen switch hits, Dil-scoops, reverse sweeps, but never something like this. Only Sir Ravindra Jadeja can hit a six over long-on tumbling in his crease! To add to the comedy, the bowler Ben Stokes also tripped in his follow-through. It looked like they were letting a sandstorm pass above their head!

Sir Ravindra Jadeja 's moment from Vivo IPL 2019
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Bails not falling off

On more than one occasion, the bails would light-up on being hit only to fall back into their groove. Once, the ball hit the stumps and cannoned off towards the fine-leg boundary for a four. Some sticky wickets, these! 

Sticky wickets in Vivo IPL 2019
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The missing ball

In a match between KXIP and Royal Challengers Bangalore, the ball went missing after a strategic timeout. The fielders and the umpires looked around, bemused, for a while. A replacement ball was then called for. Then, like a magician, umpire Shamshuddin pulled out the ball from his pocket. He had kept it in his pocket and conveniently forgotten about it. Talk about pulling rabbits out of a hat!

KXIP and Royal Challengers Bangalore
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