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Basudev Das Baul’s performance & Know Santhal from themselves – Tata Sky Blogbuster


Say hello to the original Bengali rock stars – Bauls. #RecallBengal.

A musical instrument, from a gourd! Also, a Bengali legend has it that the Bauls, who There are few musician groups as intriguing as the Bauls, people who practice Baul folk music. A few moments spent with them will get you hooked to their art! Committing their lives to the dharma of sadhna, Bauls travel across Bengal and around the world too, spreading the message of spiritualism. Their songs cover a range of social subjects with the lyrics being metaphorical. And their unique instruments along with their craft delivers catchy music.
The less-known talent of the Bauls is that they take the most complex of poetries, and make it charming through their music. Even lesser-known is the bizarre fact that they make Iktara, practice in the open, usher in the rains through their singing.Check out Rina Dasi Baul telling us why all Bongs should interact with Baul artists.
And if you too have something interesting to share that makes you nostalgic, share it with Tata Sky using #RecallBengal

What can come between the Santhals and their dance? Nothing! #RecallBengal.
With a rich cultural heritage, the Santhal (Bengali word for ‘tribe’) people are well-known for their dance in Bengal. And do they know to dance!
The Santhal dance is a fusion of immense vibrancy and cheerfulness. Mainly glorifying nature, while covering a range of themes in their dance, they also pay their respects to Goddess Durga through it.
The Santhals dance barefoot and do it even when its scorching hot! The earlier generations of Santhals earned a living from the dance. And though the new generation has been compelled to do farming, or leave for the cities in search of jobs, they still haven’t abandoned their dance.
Watch how impressed our host was with the Santhal dance, and how it inspired her to learn the dance steps and nurture a wish to set up a tribal dance school.
If you too have your own stories of nostalgia, share it with Tata Sky using #RecallBengal


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