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Surprisingly simple stuff you probably didn’t know about Re.1


The history of Re.1 has been deeply tied to our nation’s history, one that is definitely worth exploring. Here is everything you need to know about that Re.1 coin and the various changes it went through with the passage of time.

1. The first Re.1 coins were made using just nickel, and then moved to stainless steel. Which gives it that shiny reflection.

The first Re.1 coins simple

Image Courtesy: numimatist.blogspot.com
2. ‘The Three Lions’ were adopted as a symbol of the nation’s strength in 1960. Based on the mighty empire of Ashoka who ushered in a Golden Age for Indian culture.
‘The Three Lions’

Based on the mighty empire

Image Courtesy: numimatist.blogspot.com
3. Jawaharlal Nehru was honoured with this Re.1 coin in 1964.

Jawaharlal Nehru

Image Courtesy: numimatist.blogspot.com
4. The ‘Wheat’ crop was symbolic of the strength of the people and was introduced in 1982.

The 'Wheat' crop

Image Courtesy: GodOfKings.blogspot.com
5. Indira Gandhi had her likeness inscribed on this special Re.1 during the ’80s.
Indira Gandhi


Image Courtesy:worldofcoins.eu
6. Like many other things, there were special coins never released for public use, such as this special Platinum Jubilee coin for the Reserve Bank of India.
Like many other things

special Platinum Jubilee

Image Courtesy: numista.com
7. This Re.1 coin was made as a mark of tribute to the Late Rajiv Gandhi.
This Re.1 coin

Late Rajiv Gandhi

Image Courtesy: numista.com
8. The most recent version of the Re.1 coin has the lotus, a symbol of peace and prosperity.
The most recent

a symbol of peace

Image Courtesy: numista.com
9. Besides being a symbol of good faith, this Re.1 coin also allows the visually impaired to identify the value of the coin.
Besides being a symbol

impaired to identify

Image Courtesy: mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com
10. And finally, here we see the most common form of Re.1 for a great deal of Indian shopkeepers. *giggles*
And finally

great deal of Indian

Image Courtesy: 21food.com

Now that you’ve seen the various phases of Re.1, tell us in the comments which one belonged to your generation. Send us some pics too.


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