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Six unmissable films of Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio


First noticed in the sleeper hit What’s eating Gilbert Grape, Leonardo DiCaprio shot to international fame after Titanic. The American actor and producer has also appeared in several acclaimed movies. Not only does he enthral us with his good looks and acting chops, he is also an environmental activist and philanthropist. Best known for his intense method acting, here are six films where DiCaprio blew us away with his skills.

1. The Departed
DiCaprio starred as undercover state trooper Billy Costigan in the 2006 crime drama. The legendary Martin Scorsese directed this remake of the Cantonese thriller Infernal Affairs. It boasts of a stellar cast that includes Mark Walberg, Martin Sheen and Matt Damon. A commercial success, it won several accolades, including four Academy Awards. DiCaprio holds his own as the troubled cop who brings down an Irish-American mobster played by Jack Nicholson.



Image Courtesy : LetterBoxd

2. Blood Diamond
Based on diamonds mined in war zones, the film is set during Sierra Leone’s civil war in the 90s. DiCaprio plays a diamond smuggler looking for a fabled pink diamond hidden by Djimon Hounsou’s character. The two men traverse through dangerous territories to save Hounsou’s family and give DiCaprio’s character a shot at redemption. DiCaprio got into the skin of the character and received an Oscar nomination for his incredible performance.



Image Courtesy : Sherdog Forums

3. Inception
Christopher Nolan’s science fiction flick stars DiCaprio as a thief who steals information from the subconscious. DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb whose rare ability to steal ideas makes him a target of corporate espionage. His portrayal of the tortured hero won over critics who raved about his acting and the film’s plot twists. Inception was a critical success and won four out of the eight Academy Awards it was nominated for.



Image Courtesy : Unilad

4. Django Unchained
Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the western film has DiCaprio playing a villainous plantation owner. During a scene, DiCaprio slammed his fist on a table and cut his hand on a piece of glass. Such was his dedication that despite the pain, he finished the scene with real blood dripping from his hand. The film was a commercial success and was nominated for several awards including five Academy Awards.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’


Image Courtesy : Cinema Scope

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
DiCaprio plays Joran Belfort in this Martin Scorsese biographical masterpiece based on Belfort’s memoir. He won a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the scheming stockbroker engaged in corrupt and fraudulent trading. DiCaprio also received praise for his comedic performance, and the film garnered five Academy Awards nominations. Not content with just acting in the movie, he also produced it along with Scorsese.

For the film


Image Courtesy : Aman&AWatch

6. The Revenant
Based on Michael Punke’s novel The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge, DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a guide in the American wilderness. The film is a tale of revenge that Glass sets out on after being left for dead following a bear mauling. DiCaprio said that it was one of his most difficult films to shoot, given the harsh conditions. The film won DiCaprio an Academy Award after five unsuccessful nominations.

For the film


Image Courtesy : YouTube


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