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What you need to topple the Selfie King or Queen!


We all care about looking good, especially with the camera on. After all, pictures are meant for eternity. But there are times when our makeup is not picture-perfect. More often than not, we are having bad hair days. And capturing a moment is important, always! However, there are ways to take the attention off from those ‘imperfections’. Here are some camera tricks that can help you create magic.

1. Angle
Get clicked at an angle that makes you look fitter. Slightly twist your body to one side while maintaining your posture. In a group picture, try standing somewhere in the middle. Turn one shoulder towards the camera, and the other away. Follow the same trick for selfies. A camera placed above the eye level will avoid capturing the double chin.


Tata Sky Blogbuster - Angle Selfie

Image Courtesy : 4.bp.blogspot.com

2. Light
Tired of capturing silhouettes and shadows on a sunny day? During the day, you get great results on camera while facing the sun. But when standing against it, try getting clicked with the fill-flash mode on. A pro tip: dusk is the best time to click outdoor pictures. It lights up your under-eye area, making you look much younger.


Tata Sky Blogbuster - Light Selfie

Image Courtesy : www.videoblocks.com

3. Smile
Wear a natural smile when getting clicked in a group or as a couple. Time your jokes well. The person behind the camera can help you get that curve naturally. Saying “cheese” tends to look pretentious. Say “money” instead. The ‘e’ sound in money makes your smile look genuine. Even your selfies look more impressive with a wide smile.


Tata Sky Blogbuster - Smile Selfie

Image Courtesy : www.smilefoundationindia.org

4. Prop
On days when you’re not very happy with your appearance, prop it up. Holding an object will make you feel at ease while getting clicked. It will also add some personality to your picture. Show your creativity while capturing a moment or while enhancing the picture later. Posing with a striking cake or a smart gadget will surely work.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’

Tata Sky Blogbuster - Prop Selfie

Image Courtesy : www.startribune.com/

5. Be you
Just relax and be your natural self. You are bound to fall in love with your candid pictures. But make sure you’re not trying to ‘pose’ for a candid shot. Feel happy and energetic from within, and look straight into the camera. The emotions will surely come across in the images. And these memories will always make you happy!

For the film

Tata Sky Blogbuster - Be You Selfie

Image Courtesy : kalasamvaad.blogspot.in
Thumbnail source: http://www.sickchirpse.com


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