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Missing Narcos? Four Seasons in Havana will help your withdrawal symptoms!


If you’re a Narcos fan, you probably can’t wait for the next season to start. Well, season 4 is another year away – but don’t lose heart. Four Seasons in Havana can help you through your Narcos addiction, and who knows – make you forget about it too! Here are a few reasons why you should watch this crime thriller.

Soak in the Caribbean flair
Based in Havana of the 1990s, Four Seasons manages to bring the colourful country of Cuba to life like no other. Its landscape shots, technicolour streets, and brightly dressed people provide a visually rich narrative that is almost as good as Narcos’ Columbia.

Performances that match the best in the world

If Narcos has Pedro Pascal, Four Seasons has Jorge Perugorria. His critically acclaimed portrayal of Diego in Fresa y Chocolate led the movie to an Oscar nomination (the only Cuban film to achieve the honour, till date). Assisted by an exceptional cast of eccentric characters in Four Seasons, Jorge makes the dark underbelly of Havana appealing – as Lieutenant Conde.

Storytelling that rivals reality

Mark Twain is believed to have said “Fiction, unlike reality, has to make sense.” While the reality-based Narcos did not have this problem, Four Seasons manages to avoid typical fiction clichés – thanks to the journalistic pedigree of its author, Leonardo Padura. The series follows a thrill-a-minute narrative, just like the books it is based on.

Tunes that transport you to Havana

From jazzy trumpets to the mellow guitar, Four Seasons uses music to make you feel the tension in each scene without being obstructive. And like the signature Narcos theme song, Four Seasons’ intro track manages to stay with you – thanks to the haunting voice of Silvio Rodríguez, widely recognized as the best folk singer in Cuba.

Supporting the underdog

We all liked Narcos because of the memorable Escobar performance by Wagner Moura, but the struggles of honest officers – Murphy and Peña – were responsible for our infatuation with the series too. Similarly, Lieutenant Conde’s struggles in a corrupt Cuba will intrigue you, and make you root for his success.


Silvio Rodriguez
Brilliant cinematography

The way Four Seasons is shot highlights the mystery aspect – viewers can’t guess the motive of the actor on screen. The camera is often moving, and features plenty of passageways and stairwells – creating anticipation without uttering many words, a film-noir hallmark we often see missing in modern series and movies.
The good news is that you can binge watch the series anytime you want, thanks to Tata Sky. Switch to channel no. 202 on your Tata Sky connection, and get mesmerized by the world of Four Seasons! And yes, you can even get your Four Seasons fix on the go – watch it on the Tata Sky app.



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