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The many Diwalis that you’ll find in India.


Diwali, the festival of prosperity, is celebrated across the country. People visit friends and family, cherishing memories and creating new ones each time. People come together to celebrate and exchange sweets and good wishes. India with its vast diversity celebrates this festival in its own special ways.
Come let’s explore some of these traditions.

1. Maharashtra : A celebration of compassion, respect and traditionDiwali in Maharashtra starts with ‘Vasu-bharas’ according to the Marathi calendar. On this day, married women perform pujas in honour of cows who they believe is the Mother of Hindus. They also celebrate ‘Diwalicha Padva, Bhau Bij and Tulsi-Vivah’.


2. Odisha : A celebration of reconnecting with ancestral roots.Diwali in Odisha also follows all the rituals that other states follow. Except for this special ritual, where the members of the family burn “jute stems” holding the bundle in their hands and raising towards the sky singing:
“Bada badua ho,andhaara re aasa,aluwa re jaa.Baaisi pahaacha re gada gadau tha.“
calling upon the spirits of the family’s forefathers.


3. Gujarat : It is a new year that brings prosperity.The markets in Gujarat are crowded with Diwali shoppers. On the night before Diwali, Gujaratis create colourful rangolis. In some houses, a diya lit with ghee is left burning the whole night.


4. Jammu & Kashmir : A season of happiness and lightDuring Diwali the whole city of Jammu brightens up with lots of excitement. People decorate their houses much in advance in preparation of this festival. This is the occasion for buying new things.  For children, it is a day of joy. They receive money from Parents and relatives as Diwali Gifts.


5. West-Bengal : Watch the Goddess come alive West-Bengal has a unique way of celebrating the festival. They keep a ‘Durga-puja’ five days after Dussehra. On the day of Amavasya, Goddess Kali is worshipped who they believe destroys all evil. It is ‘Durga-puja’ and not ‘Laxmi-puja’ that makes the story of this state unique.


6. Karnataka : The celebration of good over evilOn the third day of Diwali, women sketch colourful rangolis in their houses and build forts from cow dung. There are stories associated with King Bali that are celebrated on this day.


So this Diwali, share your warmest and extraordinary moments of how you will celebrate this amazing festival.
Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!


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