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Why letting your kids attend a virtual summer camp is actually a good idea


Keeping kids occupied during summer breaks becomes an absolute must for parents. Energy expended
on studies during school days needs a safe outlet during summer. Summer camps are the all-time
favourite resource of harried parents. However, brick and mortar camps of old have moved up the
ladder to virtual avatars. And now, children get to enjoy vacations at virtual summer camps. The focus at
these camps remains on two things — learning and fun!
A virtual summer camp comprises a series of workshops on different topics. Kids can access the
workshops on a digital platform. Simply put, it’s a summer camp brought home. Children learn new skills
and creative activities on a TV or a computer. The activities on offer range from reading and science-
based fun to do-it-yourself projects. The interesting pursuits inspire kids to explore their intellectual and
creative sides. It not only boosts their confidence, but also makes them independent learners.
Kids learn in the comfy settings of their home in a virtual camp. They enjoy a productive staycation away
from the sweltering heat of summer. It also frees parents from the hassles of arranging for commute to
different classes. Significant savings on money and time are thus the added advantages.
Furthermore, children learn better without fear of competition or judgement. Channelising energy
constructively, children complete a course of their interest, at their pace. A virtual summer camp is thus
a win-win proposition for both parents and children.

Image Courtesy : www.mmoreviews.com


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