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Let’s see how well do you know your favourite actors


These Bollywood actors started small and made it big, each making a name and trademark for themselves. How many of these boys and girls can you name?

1. The daughter of Director Mahesh Bhatt, this young actress is the envy of all those of her age.
The daughter


2. Known both as a joker and a powerful force in acting, this young star broke into Bollywood with the hit film ‘Band Baaja Baaarat’.
Known both


3. A very versatile actor, he has made his name with his own unique twists on critical roles.

A very versatile

4. She acts, she sings, she dances is there anything this young starlet can’t do? What is the name of this Kapoor?

She acts

5. One of the best Male debuts and one of the youngest to receive a filmfare award for Student of the year!
One of


6. Th flying Jatt himself, he has defined himself in action films, proving that’s not just another pretty face.
Jatt himself



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