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Lavni in Marathi movies – from central theme to item number.


From entertaining audiences before there was cinema, to being the subject of the plot, to becoming item numbers in recent times, Lavni has come a long way. Here are some Lavni songs that are etched in the memories of many.

Sarkha Vatat Hota – Lakhat Ashi Dekhani (1971)

This memorable song featured Jayashri Gadkar, one of the most well-known Marathi actresses of the time. Following a standard Lavni theka – a common beat, the song describes the eagerness the woman feels and the description of her emotions as she anticipates the arrival of her lover.


Naar Nakharyachi – Bhingari (1977)
A notable example of Lavni songs which relied on the comic reactions of the performer and the audience alike. Light-hearted songs, like Naar Nakharyachi, were often inserted to offset the conflict or serious themes of movies. The pretty Sushma Shiromani performed it with childlike moves, running around on the stage and even used props – a novelty at that time.

Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon la – Fatakadi (1980)
Stepping into the 80s, Lavni underwent a change from being the central theme of the film to special performances, featuring famous actresses. Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon la is one of such evergreen Lavni songs, performed by none other than Rekha. The song was shot on a beautiful set which was constructed on the site where Tamasha theatre existed.

Dalimb Tachkan Fultla – Mosambi Narangi (1981)
Performed by Usha Chavan, the leading lady of Dada Kondke, this seductive number is in a league of its own. The fast-paced song comes very close to the contemporary Lavni being performed on stages across Maharashtra, and is hence regarded as a cult classic.

Adakitta Supari – Bhannat Bhanu (1982)
With Moushumi Chatterjee as the lead dancer, Adakitta Supari likened man to an Adakitta (a nutcracker) and woman to a Supari (beetle nut) trapped by it, in line with the plot of the movie. The lyrics were crafted to perfection and the performance complemented it well.

In the late 80s and 90s, Lavni took a step back in the Marathi film industry. The revival came in the form of movies in early 2000s through new-age item numbers. However, new age Lavni songs like Vajle ki Baara from Natarang are drawing crowds to the cinemas!

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