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Instagram chef’s who will help you make your Valentine more special


Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and we all wish to surprise our significant other with something that makes the day more special. Baking for you valentine can make your day. Here’s a list of a few drool-worthy Instagram accounts will help you bake magic for your partner this Valentine!

1. Radhika Malhotra Arora
From Salted Caramel Stuffed Cookies and Granola Bars to a Nutella Cheesecake, Radhika Malhotra bakes her way right into your heart. Get going to get your valentine, Red Velvet Pancakes which are made with Artisanal Curd that Radhika made specially for her husband. She suggests you should try it too.


2. Nandita
If you’re all about fresh food, this account is the one for you. A nutrition expert cum food blogger who cheats on her love for salads with Gajar ka Halwa from time to time. This time she’s made this strawberry basil vinaigrette that you should definitely add on your Valentine Day menu.

Image Courtesy : Nandita

3. Shipra Khanna
A food enthusiast and a MasterChef who cooks up a storm in the kitchen no matter which cuisine she picks, ranging from Indian curries to the worlds best desserts. Burst out your smartphones and start gawking at the delicious dishes she has for this Valentine’s Day!

Image Courtesy : Shipra Khanna

4. Pooja Dhingra
Love cake? This is the perfect Instagram for you. Pooja Dhingra is an entrepreneur cum baker who bakes the prettiest cakes in town. She also is the owner of the famous ’Le 15 patisserie café’ in Mumbai. We just have one word for her talent – Brilliant. Here she has Valentine special macarons baked specially for all the love birds out there.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’
Image Courtesy : Pooja Dhingra

5. Harpal Singh Sokhi
The Energy Chef of India is what he is famous as. Watch out for his scrumptious dishes that serves a flavour of ‘Teeka-mitha’ at the same time. Apart from the Valentine special dishes, he also is a master in cooking Punjabi Kadhi Pakora, Pahidi Style Vrat ki Panjiri and all the desi food items. You will love it, we promise.

For the film
Image Courtesy : Harpal Singh Sokhi

6. Sanjana
Chef Sanjana is a Chocolatier & Patissier at ‘La Folie Lab’ and ‘lafolie du chocolat’. Also a pastry queen winner in 2015, India and 4th in the world pastry queen Sigep 2016. We love Chef Sanjana and her videos featuring macaron madness in the making at La Folie. She has special chocolate ganache for the love season.

For the film
Image Courtesy : Sanjana

7. Shivesh
This young boy’s creations will leave you speechless. The moment we checked out his account, we were in awe of his delicious cakes and meringue frostings. Shivesh is a self-taught baker who works wonders in the kitchen, simply creating, styling and capturing the most beautiful desserts. A quality treat for the eyes, literally.

She was the
Image Courtesy : Shivesh
These bakers surely give us #Bakingoals. Taking a few tips from them for
Valentine’s would be the best thing you would do to surprise your valentine.
Wishing you guys Happy Baking and Happy Valentine in advance!

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