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Find the gym boring? Here are some fun alternative workouts


Can’t work out in the gym but don’t want to fall off the fitness bandwagon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Try these fun alternatives to make fitness a way of life.

1. Parkour
Parkour originated from a French military training method and is great for urban residents. The goal is to use obstacles in the environment to move more efficiently from point A to point B. Parkour relies on running, jumping, climbing, crawling and vaulting. So you could use stairs, benches, poles and walls to improve your mental and physical health. Parkour’s popularity spiked after its appearance in the opening scene of the James Bond movie Casino Royale.


Image Courtesy : Lucky Homes Oia

2. CrossFit
CrossFit centres mushrooming across India show us just how popular this fitness programme has become. Functional movements are performed at high intensity during CrossFit workouts. These movements reflect taken from disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing. The idea behind CrossFit is that fitness levels improve with different approaches to functional training and intensity.


Image Courtesy : Crossfitbath.com

3. Swimming
Swimming is great if you want a workout that targets the whole body. It’s a low impact exercise and gentle on your joints. Since water is denser than air, it provides consistent resistance when you swim. This safely helps strengthen and tone your muscles. Swimming is a great workout for injury-prone people since the risk of injury is low. You could even try some yoga positions in the pool once you finish swimming. Positions which require good balance work well since the water supports your weight.


Image Courtesy : lleisure

4. Tai Chi
Try Tai Chi if you aren’t too sure about yoga or want to take a break from it. This gentle martial arts practice of Chinese origin is often called “meditation in motion.” It focuses on structural strength, balance, concentration, fluid movements and calming the mind. Studies show that that Tai Chi helps build strength, balance and flexibility.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’

Image Courtesy : WTA

5. Workout videos
Prefer exercising in the comfort of your own home? Check out workout videos on YouTube, fitness apps, DVDs or even Tata Sky Fitness. These easy alternatives to working out in the gym often require minimal or no equipment. Choose from a variety of free videos to prevent boredom from setting in. Another advantage is that you can access these videos on your laptop, mobile, desktop and TV. So there’s no excuse for skipping a session while you travel!

For the film

Image Courtesy : youtube.com

6. Clean your home
We get it, cleaning your house isn’t always fun. But it can become a fantastic workout without even seeming like one! So wear some comfy clothes, crank up the beats and set your timer. Rearranging your kitchen? Make it a set of 10 squats as you shuffle things around. Do a 10-minute stepper routine with the stool as you put stuff on top of the cupboard. Twist your upper body (and not just your hands) to mop. You’ll have a better workout if you engage more body parts, including your core. In the end, you will have a clean house and a leaner physique!

She was the

Image Courtesy : Ananthara Villa

7. Dancing
Put on those dancing shoes if you like to boogie. Dancing for just 30 minutes can burn over 200 calories and tone your muscles! Hip hop, salsa or Bollywood style – it doesn’t matter which dance you do. What is important though is how you control your movements. Involve all major muscle groups and tighten your core for a full body workout. If you have two left feet, learn from online dance videos or even your television. Get some friends together, turn on the music and have a dance party. Working out doesn’t get more fun than that!

In Yaadon

Image Courtesy : New Castle University


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