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Can you help us capture these 6 Fantastic Beasts?


Did you fall in love with the adorable and majestic creatures from Fantastic Beasts and where to find them? Then test your skills of observation and find them all.

1. #FindTheBeast to save the muggles, realign the picture to avoid wizardly trouble!

realign the picture

2. The fantastic beasts have escaped from the magical suitcase, can you #FindTheBeast? Don’t forget to help Newt by realigning the picture.
The fantastic

Don't forget to help

3. Let’s see if you could crack this. Newt just found something magical, do you think you can realign the picture & #FindTheBeast?

Let’s see

4. You’ll need all your wizardly power to decipher this! Cast a spell & realign the picture in the correct order, make sure you #FindTheBeast!
You'll need all

make sure you

5. Yes, even muggles have powers! Show us yours by realigning the picture in its correct order.

Yes, even muggles

6. Some of the fantastic beasts have escaped from Newt’s case. Can you realign the picture in the correct order and help him #FindTheBeast?

Some of the fantastic


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