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Why Dhoni’s version of the Kaala trailer is giving cricket fans goosebumps


Looking forward to watching the movie Kaala? Waiting with bated breath for Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK’s) comeback in IPL 11? Well, there are people who are finding it difficult to contain their excitement for both! Rajini’s trademark moves and MS Dhoni’s helicopter shots are going to make April and May truly action-packed.

The recent parody of the Kaala trailer has made Chennai’s heart skip a beat. After all, the video brings together two local superheroes – Rajinikanth and MSD! Their rock-solid personas and stellar performances have always made the country proud. But the Chennai connection of these two non-Tamil legends has created a frenzy in the whole of Tamil Nadu.

Tata Sky Blogbuster - Kala Official Trailer

Image Courtesy : YouTube.com

Tamil Nadu is popularly known as the land of temples. And it comes as no surprise that its people treat their heroes as gods. Rajini’s superpowers have already made him a demigod there. And now, it’s the dynamic Dhoni who is ruling the hearts of thousands in Chennai. People there appreciate talent, and when it comes to supporting their heroes – they are fiercely protective. Mind it!

Tata Sky Blogbuster -MS Dhoni Helicotor Shot

Image Courtesy : rapidleaks.com

Both Rajini and Dhoni aren’t Tamilians or even from Tamil Nadu. Both heroes began their journey with no godfathers to guide them. Rajini played small, negative roles in his initial films. Dhoni got out on a duck in his first ODI. But they have both made their way to the top with sheer dedication. And these humble stars put their heart and soul in their work, every day. Be it Dhoni’s cool demeanor or Rajini’s sunglass-flipping style, Chennai loves it! People admire how these two legends are bringing pride to their state and the country. It seems that they always belonged there!

Tata Sky Blogbuster -MS Dhoni and Rajini Kanth

Image Courtesy : Sify.com

People’s love for Rajinikanth and MS Dhoni is beyond measure. Every few years there will be new stars emerging and new success stories created. But Rajini and Dhoni will always remain everyone’s favourite ‘Anna’!


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