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Debunking popular myths about working out


Working out is a very personal thing. It requires you to stay dedicated and sweat it out in the gym to achieve the results you desire. While it is good to seek opinions from gym enthusiasts, you must be aware of what to consume and what to filter. ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’, they say. Let’s have a look at few workout mantras that are actually not true.

1. Protein shake is the best:
Your physical transformation happens due to your workout, not because of a protein shake. If you include the right proportion of nutrients in your meals, you can ditch the protein shake and save yourself a lot of money. Broccoli, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, oats, fish, etc., are just some of the foods that not only provide protein but also carry other important nutrients that are vital for our body.


Image Courtesy : Medical News Today

2.Lifting heavy weights will make you muscular:
Only lifting heavy weights will definitely give you a lot of injuries. A well-balanced workout involves days of strength training mixed with functional and cardio training. This is important as our muscles are fatigued after a heavy workout and need time to recover. A cardio or a functional training session will help relieve stress off those muscles and tone them, as well as prevent injuries that arise from following the same workout pattern.


Image Courtesy : NewYork Post

3. You need to sweat for an hour to get adequate health benefits:
No, you don’t! While losing weight needs at least 250 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week to show results, more and more studies are pointing to multiple short workouts as an ideal way to boost cardiovascular health. An ideal gym session should not last for more than 45 minutes. Mix up your routine for better benefits.


Image Courtesy : Warriors.kiwi

4. Crunches are key to flat abs:
Crunches don’t burn off a lot of calories and are not the most efficient way to fat loss. While they tone a small area of your abdomen, it is far more efficient to choose exercises that effectively engage your core. Planks and bridges that involves engaging your trunk, butt and core are far more effective in whittling your waist.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’

Image Courtesy : Popsugar

5. No pain, no gain:
This myth sets up unhealthy expectations of what one needs to do to achieve results. It is better to listen to your body and be aware of your own limits. If you push through the pain, you can seriously injure yourself, setting your fitness goals back even further. So, exercise smartly.

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