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Cutting-edge producer, Anushka Sharma to be honoured with a Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award


Stars from Bollywood have been performing brilliantly and have been rewarded for it in some or the other way. The Dadasaheb Phalke Foundation honours people who live to leave a mark in the society. Guess who has made it to their list now? It’s none other than the new bahu of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma. Under the banner of Clean Slate Films, Anushka has been coming up with some crazy stuff to entertain us. Read on to know more about her journey as a producer:

1. Starting off as a producer with NH10, Anushka left us all speechless with her concept and efforts in backing the clutter-breaking content


Tata Sky Blogbuster - NH10

Image Courtesy : www.amazon.in

2. Though Sharma was extremely busy with her schedule, she managed to act and produce this romantic drama Phillauri. Her work in this film was widely appreciated and the film received great reviews from both critics and the audience 


Tata Sky Blogbuster - Phillauri

Image Courtesy : www.pinterest.com.au

3. With Pari, Anushka was seen experimenting with a completely different genre – horror, that gave our audience a substantially differential experience. Recently, the film gained a lot of popularity in the South and hence a decision to remake the film in Tamil has been taken


Tata Sky Blogbuster - Pari

Image Courtesy : www.bollywoodmantra.com
The young actress has been appreciated a lot for coming up with excellent films, along with brother Karnesh Sharma. The duo have empowered young talent by giving them breaks in the industry as directors, musicians, composers, etc by backing the raw talent. Anushka is planning to produce 3 more films under her banner now. Lets wait and watch what she has for us next!
For crossing another milestone, we congratulate Anushka Sharma for this success.


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