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Cracking the football commentary- (Part 2)


Welcome to the second half of the list of soccer terms. All those words and techniques that you didn’t quite understand, we got you covered. In case you missed the first half of the list you can look that up.
Killer Pass- This is a perfectly timed and a well calculated pass through a defense, directly onto the foot of a
Late Tackle- The purpose of tackling is to stop the opponent from going near the goal or to stall their move. A late
tackle is when tackling is committed after the opponent has already played the ball.
Mark- To cover a player who may or may not have the ball. Usually, it is to prevent a player from receiving the ball.
so always keep their best offensive linemen on the blind side to reduce the risk of a goal they didn’t expect.
Offside- When a player’s body other than his hands or arms is closer to the opponent’s goal line than the second last
defendant, he is in an offside position
Offside trap- This is when a team mutually plan to run away from the target so when the opponent plays a goal, it becomes an offside offence

One touch soccer- Players pass the ball quickly and immediately after they recieve it.
Outswinger- When the ball is played but curls away from the target
Penetration-When a team breaks through the opponent’s defence.
Peripheral Vision- The ability to see wider than what is there directly in the front vision
Playmaker – This term is used for a designated player who has good vision, excellent passing ability, can open up defense lines and create opportunities.
Plyometrics –Drills and exercises that help develop endurance and strength in players.
Running with the ball –When a player exploits space and surges ahead with the ball aggressively. Messi and Ronaldo are always pitted against each other for being the better one at it.

Save- When the goalkeeper or defender prevents a goal

Scouts- Volunteers that watch local junior and youth soccer to hunt the talent and recommend them for academy trials.
Shielding- When a player uses his body to come between the ball and the opponent in order to keep the ball to himself.
Square Ball-It’s when a ball is played from one side of the pitch to another, laterally.
Stretching the play-Teams usually make the pitch big, wide and deep. That is they spread the play so it becomes more challenging for the opponents to defend.
Sweeper – This is a specific role on the pitch where the player will sit in front or behind the defense.
Tackle-A player is tackling when he is challenging to win the ball from an opponent.
Taking a player on-When the player with the ball runs at the defendant with the aim of going past them.
Through pass –When two defenders are passing the ball, the attacker runs onto it. This pass is called through pass

Volley-Striking the ball right into the air before it lands. This is a masterskill that Zidane is known for.

Work rate-A player or team’s contribution to the game.
Zonal Marking –It’s marking a specific area that a player has to cover.

This was the end to your Soccer dictionary. Now, when the FIFA fever is increasing in the room and everyone is guessing what the commentator meant, you can show off your knowledge. In case, you hear any terms that you
would like to understand and we haven’t covered it here, let us know in the comments section. We will do an extra time for you. Till then, enjoy FIFA on your Tata Sky mobile app to watch it wherever you are.
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