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Champakkulam Boat Race- Kerala’s best kept secret


We take pride in vastness of our nation and the cultures our national borders encompass. However, it is also a reason why we don’t know the kind of celebrations that happen across the length and breadth of our beautiful country. One such phenomenon, Champakkulam Boat Race, is an exciting display of the culture and tradition of Kerala that is not known in other parts in the country. Read on to know more about how this wonderful event is celebrated and why it deserves the spotlight.

1. Deep rooted within the heritage and culture of Kerala, Champakkulam Boat race is the oldest tradition. The first ever boat race is believed to date back to the 1613 A.D., when the King of Chempakasseri decided to host a water carnival to reciprocate the love and hospitality of the people of Champakkulam.

Image Courtesy : www.tripoclan.com
2. The race technically under the category of vallam kali i.e. snake boat races due to the shape of the boats and their flow.

Image Courtesy : www.eastasy.com
3. The race falls on the ‘moolam’ day of Mithunam month, a sacred date in the Malayalam calendar. It was this day when the idol of Lord Krishna was installed at the Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple.

Image Courtesy : www.templepurohit.com
4. The village Champakkulam is known for it’s green paddy fields, coconut grooves and its eye-pleasing scenery makes it popular among tourists. About 26 kms from Kerala, it is separated by the Pampa river in two parts.
‘Dum Maaro Dum’

Image Courtesy : booking.com
5. A total of eleven boats are seen in this event out of which six are large snake-boats with a capacity to carry 120 oarsmen (called as Chundand Vallam), three being 70 ft long swift boats that carry about 60 people (also called as veppu vallam) and two 50 feat long ones that can carry 35 mean (called as Vadakkan Odi)
For the film

Image Courtesy : www.theholidayindia.com
6. A beautiful procession precedes the race where the boats are beautifully decorated. Tourists and villagers from all walks of life take their best positions to watch the event in all its glory.
She was the

Image Courtesy : www.theholidayindia.com
7. When the race starts, the beautiful and serene waters of Pampa river turns into a race track with dozens of men rowing in perfect sync and the air is filled with the sound of spectators shouting and cheering.
In Yaadon

Image Courtesy : blog.sterlingholidays.com
If you are in Kerala during this time, there is no valid excuse to miss
this beautiful event.


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