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8 times when Jaggu Dada showed us why he’s savage!!


Apart from the elaborate dance numbers of Bollywood, the YouTube videos that tickled users’ funny bone were Jackie Shroff’s savage replies to reporters. Check them here to have your share of laughter, just remember to not watch it again and again or else ‘bidu’ and ‘bomabom’ will sit on your tongue like your favourite song.

When asked for his analysis on Salman Khan’s twitter controversy, Dada flexed his muscles and replied “Sab ki apni apni batien hain..main kya analyse karun? Ek kaam kar mail me at jackieshroff@gmail.com I’ll think about it” to which the reporters cracked with laughter.

At Heropanti’s trailer launch, Dada shared the story of his first movie release wherein he was sleeping peacefully. When people woke him up and asked him why was he sleeping at the time of movie release, his reply was “Jag ke kya kar leta? Goli nikal gaya, toh nikal gaya bidu”.

When a reporter, at the Housefull 3 trailer launch, asked Dada to describe all actors in one line, his instant response was “Tereko kuch kaam dhandha nahi hai kya?” Laughter from that day still echoes in the corridors of the launch venue

How would you imagine a conversation with Big B and Jaggu Dada? That’s right! It’s funny, it’s about friendship and it has a lot of Bidus. Watch it yourself!

On sets of Shootout At Wadala, Dada talked about Anil Kapoor’s passion of getting fight sequences right and narrated an experience from the movie Parinda, where Anil Kapoor asked for many retakes to get a fight scene right and ended up getting 32 slaps from Jaggu Dada.

In a white suit and looking dashing as ever, Dada let the reporters know about how he spends spare time farming and even showed off his knowledge of “gajar bajar, ratalu batata” at the opening ceremony of Lux Golden Rose Awards 2017.

Dada’s reply when asked about Tiger Shroff’s chemistry with co-star Disha Patani is hilarious but also insightful. Samja kya bidu?

Describing the situation of the Bollywood industry in general, Dada’s answer to another reporter is full of shayaris and terms that you just can’t miss.

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Well, Jaggu Dada is the BOSS OF
BOLLYWOOD. Nobody can beat him when it
comes to unabashed charisma and
flamboyance. And this article is our way of


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