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These 5 songs of Sukhwinder Singh are bound to keep you motivated


Sukhwinder Singh is a singer whose voice touches the heart before it reaches the ears. Even his name has a melodious tune to it. His songs are so addictive that you end up hearing them on an endless loop. His magical voice makes us fall in love with Chaiyya Chaiyya even today, 20 years after its release. He has been delivering hits in Bollywood for decades now; but very few people know that he has done playback singing in Punjabi, Marathi and South Indian films too. Here are some of his superhit Hindi songs which never let you have a dull moment.

1. Kar har maidaan fateh
This is the latest chartbuster track from the movie Sanju. It’s a song to pep you up whenever you’re feeling low. Both Shreya Ghoshal and Sukhwinder Singh have given strength to the inspirational lyrics of this song with their exceptional singing. This song will not only help you through your struggles, but will also give you positive vibes from within.



Image Courtesy : lyrics.sportsknock.com

2. Sultan
The title song of the Salman-starrer Sultan is a must-have on every playlist. It motivates you to stay strong and fight hard. The special thing about Sukhwinder’s songs is that the lyrics stay with you for long. For instance, the line ‘khoon mein tere mitti, mitti mein tera khoon’ in Sultan’s title track is so profound. It’s sheer brilliance!



Image Courtesy : Bilkul Online

3. Bismil bismil
Sukhwinder’s melodious voice made this song from Haider an instant hit. He deservedly won a National Award for this. The performers tell a story through this song, which mesmerised audiences with its melody. Sukhwinder’s songs are deep and soulful. His singing is so unique that one can’t imagine associating any other voice to the songs sung by him.



Image Courtesy : gitakar

4. Jai ho
Many of Sukhwinder’s hit songs are in collaboration with the maestro AR Rahman. However, Jai ho from the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire is a different league altogether. It’s a mega-super-duper-blockbuster song delivered by the duo! You can still hear the beats, feel the emotion, and sense victory. Sukhwinder’s fine singing adds that extra dollop of energy to this wonderfully composed song.

‘Dum Maaro Dum’


Image Courtesy : YouTube

5.Chak de India
The title track of Chak De! India has been the trendsetter of motivational songs. Singers Sukhwinder Singh, Salim-Sulaiman and Marianne D’Cruz made this track extraordinary with their beautiful singing. Since then, every sports drama necessarily has one such song. These songs are very meaningful and powerful. And they certainly make the movies quite memorable.

For the film


Image Courtesy : YouTube


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