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5 Dalton Trumbo facts that prove he was ahead of his time


‘Trumbo’ tells the story of one of Hollywood’s most respected writers and his fall, and rise to stardom amidst turbulent times in America

1. He wrote the screenplay for a renowned 1960s film Spartacus.
He wrote


2. Started his career in radio and magazines, before moving on to Hollywood.
Started his


3. He was blacklisted for his beliefs and ideals and was barred from working with Hollywood’s elite.
He was


4. During the course of his life, he wrote 88 short stories and 6 novels, all of which were rejected for publication.
During the


5. His legacy lived on as he was posthumously awarded the Academy Award for writing Roman Holiday in 1993.
His legacy

in 1993

Catch the inspiring story of Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo as he braves all obstacles in his path to become one of Hollywood’s most famous screenwriters on Sony Le PLEX HD, Sun 23rd July, 1PM & 9PM.


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