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18 awesome things that will take you back to your childhood days


Kids of every decade have their memorable stories to tell. We have so many things to talk about. So many memories to cherish. And why not? 90’s was the decade of rock and roll. We have a list that contains the awesome things that all of us owned

1. The bulky machine that helped you save your not so bulky data – the trusty PC!


Image Courtesy : cdn.natemat.pl
2. Listening to your favourite songs over and over again gave a joyous feeling altogether.


Image Courtesy : img.ycpix.com
3. Sporting that Boomer tattoo made you the coolest kid in class.


Image Courtesy : iforce.co.nz
4. And this little white bar was the best way to call truce during school-time fights.
‘Dum Maaro Dum’


Image Courtesy : aapnidukan.net
5. Do you even need electricity to play the best game ever?
For the film


Image Courtesy : sgxl.nl
6. Don’t lie, we’ve all fought with our siblings to play this game first.
She was the


Image Courtesy : static1.gamerstuff.fr
7. Owning a house or a hotel was so easy back then!
In Yaadon


Image Courtesy : media.babyoye.com
8. The phone’s charm is irresistible, and so is the classic game!
For the film


Image Courtesy : b1.gmbox.ru
9. And there was this perfect excuse to skip the mandatory afternoon nap.
For the film


Image Courtesy : imagazin.ro
10. Rewind! We can never forget visiting the stores and buying new cassettes each week for the Walkman.
She was the


Image Courtesy : image.viettimes.vn
11. If you had the most, you were the richest kid on the block.
For the film


Image Courtesy : img00.deviantart.net
12. And how we wished this paper fortune teller would predict and solve our life problems.
She was the


Image Courtesy : cdn.wittyfeed.com
13. The most wonderful memory of school? It definitely was covering our textbooks with these brown papers.
For the film


Image Courtesy : livingstyles.com.au
14. Admit it or not, we all have used the milky gel pens to decorate our books.
She was the


Image Courtesy : i.pinimg.com
15. That’s how we made new friends, by gifting a slap bracelet.
For the film


Image Courtesy : images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com
16. Owning these scented markers made you the coolest kid in the arts class.
She was the


Image Courtesy : odysseyonline-img.rbl.ms
17. The gummy bear candy that we still love.
For the film


Image Courtesy : ep.yimg.com
18. Want to see how we looked before developing a picture? That’s what you got.
She was the


Image Courtesy : it-scan.ru

We all have experienced the best times indeed. And we sure do miss a
lot of these things today. Tag your friends with whom you shared these
things and who made your childhood awesome!


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One thought on “18 awesome things that will take you back to your childhood days”

  1. This blog page takes me to my childhood, revinishing memories.. how good old days they are!
    thankyou tatasky for this awesome blog you have.

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