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10 Ways To Get Your New Year’s Fashion On Fleek


New Year is just round the corner and we are all set to welcome 2018. We have all made the plans to party and celebrate the eve in our own way. But have we decided on how to look great on the day? Here are a few fashion tips that will set up your party mood and help you get your New Year right.

1. Liven Up The Evening.
You must be looking to sport a little festive twinkle this New Year’s Eve. But maybe you’re wondering what piece to invest in and that would guarantee you look your best to welcome 2018? A bright coloured long chic dress is our personal recommendation for the special evening.


Image Courtesy : smhttp-ssl-50243.nexcesscdn.net

2. Go Glam.
Metallic eye makeup has been in trend all this season, and what better time to pay homage to this trend than New Year’s Eve! A shimmering metallic eye palette will have you turn heads wherever you go – and depending on the colour you choose, it can spell elegance.


Image Courtesy : v.3bir.net

3. All That Glitters.
Headed to welcome the new year? It’s time to shine in some sequins. It takes a brave heart to pull off wearing sequins but if you’re planning to do it, then experiment on New Year’s Eve.


Image Courtesy : i.pinimg.com

4. Velvet Touch.
Velvet is elegant – perfect for NYE! Whether you opt for a stunning and intricate velvet dress or a velvet suit for a fancy party, the options are many. Few pieces of accessories will always complement and round up your velvety look.

1 (1)

‘Dum Maaro Dum’
Image Courtesy : marcdarcy.co.uk

5. Single Shoulder Cut-out.
A single shoulder cut-out dress is going to have you in the spotlight, and how! These shoulder cut-out dresses are all the rage in the world of fashion – they never go out of fashion. Spunky, spirited and chic, what’s there to not like!

3 (1)

For the film
Image Courtesy : static.americateve.com

6. Accessories and makeup.
Depending on what you wear, a neck piece or a choker and a ring can be chic and glamorous or should we call it more casual and effortless! Team it up with smokey eye makeup to lighten up your NYE party.

6 (1)

She was the
Image Courtesy : everafterguide.com

7. The Classic Stripes.
Cool stripes are back in fashion. They’re a great option for a party this season. Stripes are great when worn with a plain top or bottoms. As a general rule, do not forget to accessorize!

2 (1)

In Yaadon
Image Courtesy : blog.modacruz.com

8. Bodysuits.
Bodysuits are highly recommended for the holiday party. Take the hue to new heights with a lacy bodysuit. Add an unexpected twist to the look with a shade of beige or pink lipstick.

6 (1)

For the film
Image Courtesy : cf1.rackcdn.com

9. All Black.
The all black look sets the bar high for your holiday party. You can never go wrong with an all black look, leave way for some accessorizing. This look gives you a party ready look. Pair it with black heels that take the look to the next level.


For the film
Image Courtesy : thewretchedfool.com

10. Props & Combs.
Take the floral & dots trend and enter the holiday season with a dress that’s timeless and festive in its own way. Trade in your classic floral or pants with polka dots with a plain top. This combination will instantly become the life of any party.

4 (1)

She was the
Image Courtesy : petitluxo.files.wordpress.com
Look gorgeous and rock the dance floor! The NYE party is about to
begin. Also, don’t forget to pair your dress with comfortable shoes. Let
us know which look you liked the most.
Happy New Year to all of you in advance!


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